Coaching keeps you accountable, supports you through big changes, and is a way to make a rock solid plan to be the best working mom you can be. Here's how.

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe that every working mom needs to try coaching. It gives her accountability, a chance to implement good changes and the ability to consistently keep balanced. Trust me, I know, I’ve been coached before right when I became a working mom of two kids!

Working Moms come to me for things like they can’t balance work and life, are at a crossroads in their life or their gas tank is running on empty.  For example, once they became a mother they stopped enjoying their job or even their career and feel stuck with no time or energy to figure things out.

This is usually where it starts.  And then things get good.  Keep reading…

What I help Working Moms With

find ways to stop the disease to please because it drains your personal energy.
… take better care of yourself because you’ll experience how self-care ties directly to your professional and personal success.
… learn more than just time management tips because it’s your energy you want help with.
… lessen your workload so you can resolve a challenge that’s been hanging over your head for way too long.

What Coaching Is And What It Is Not

This results in a movement toward creating what you’ve envisioned when given the chance to think about your life.

Coaching gives you a chance to talk out-loud so you can hear exactly what is going on inside your head.  It’s not often that working mom takes the time to focus on her needs because she’s caught up in taking care of… everything!  And rightly so. But to a point.

It’s so easy to lose your sense of self in working motherhood.  You can think of coaching as this gift that calms the chaos of your world for a while so you are free to focus on you.

Coaching is not about analyzing your past, with the hope to cure you of something.  This is what therapy addresses.  In coaching, we may look at your past to better understand your story but then we leave the past in the past to avoid a zap of personal energy.

My Promise to You as Your Accountability Partner

As your coach, I cast no judgment on what you say or about you as a person.  In our current working mom culture, judgment is tough and the comparison game is harsh.  In a coaching session, there is none of this (yup, it’s that magical).

I will take you at your word because I believe in you.  What you want to accomplish in life is possible.  Even those wild dreams of running your own business or going to work for that company rated highly by Working Mother magazine.  All you need is a plan and a coach, who can co-create one, keep you on your toes and accountable, and offer superb support.

Our mission is to find out where you want to go, how that will happen and why it’s so gosh darn important to you.

Here’s what I can promise you if we work together. You will be held accountable for the goals you want to accomplish. Together we’ll create a maintenance plan so you can balance life and work to the best of your ability. You’ll feel supported, understood and motivated to make positive changes that will make you the best working mom you can be.

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