If you're new to working motherhood or at a crossroad in your career follow these three easy steps to book a session with me on The Maven Clinic.

Book Me on The Maven Clinic

The Maven Clinic was created with the working mother in mind.  This was one of the many reasons I joined their team of coaches and practitioners. Their app allows you to speak with me from the comfort of your own home. Love this flexibility! They will save us time and energy because they manage scheduling and payment processing. They have made it so easy for us to work together! So let’s get started.

Let’s chat for *FREE* for 10 minutes, on the Maven Clinic so you can test out their app and experience coaching. Follow these three steps to book me on The Maven Clinic.

1. Create a Maven Account to Use Their Application

There are two ways you can create a Maven account. One is to go to Maven’s website, mavenclinic.com, using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. In order for you and I to see each other on their video app your computer will need a front-facing camera. So if your PC has no camera you can use download Maven’s App on your iPhone or iPad. It’s called “Maven: A Digital Health Clinic for Women”.

HERE’S HOW TO GET THE FREE 10-MINUTE SESSION! Next, create a username and password. Then you’ll see a “Referral code” field where you can use “LizVIP” to get your free 10-minute session *PLUS* a $25 credit good toward your next appointment with me!

2. Book A Session with Me

Come work with me on Maven!Now you’re ready to book an appointment! Yippee! Here’s the process:

  1. Click on “Consult a Practitioner”
  2. Select the Mental Health category
  3. Select a category
  4. Then scroll until you see my name and my pretty little picture
  5. Click on “View Profile & Book” on the website or “Book Appointment” in the app and select a date and time that works for you

That’s it!

3. Show Up for the Session

Last, show up ready to talk about what’s going on in your life. I cover a slew of working mom topics as well as offer career advice. So if you’re a new working mom trying to make things work or if you’re at a cross road in your career come chat with me.

My hours are mostly during the evening. This is just in time for you to cross your finish line for the day and settle down to talk with me. I am available some mornings, so if my evening hours don’t work for you, fill out the form below and we’ll work something out.

I hope that you come talk with me on The Maven Clinic soon!

Click here to join Liz on The Maven Clinic


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