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My name is Liz McGrory. I am a mother of three young children, a loving wife, and a working mom passionately running my business, Coach LizzyMc ~ Working Mom Coach, in Boston, MA. For the past five years, I’ve been helping working moms make audacious decisions about their working motherhood lifestyle.

Combining motherhood and a career presents unique challenges that my business addresses. These challenges are not being supported by the business world and on the flip side, there are mommy wars. Working motherhood can be pretty lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m here to help.

My Corporate Working Motherhood Experience Wasn’t Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy

When I returned from my first maternity leave things went OK. I had confidence in my career plans, had good child care and I was enjoying motherhood. But when I returned after my second maternity leave things didn’t go so well.  I got burnt out and lost interest in my career. Managing my growing family and a career I didn’t care about sucked up so much of my personal energy I became frustrated and stuck.

But this experience gave me the courage to take a chance and switch careers. I got coached, went back to school and set my sights on running my own business. It also fueled me to write a book three years later. It’s called  “Igniting Mommy Energy“.  In it, I  share my struggles and successes as a working mom and coping strategies to get you through those tough days. Some say that it’s like going through their own coaching session with me.

I didn’t return to work after my third maternity leave. It was stressful leaving behind a life I had lived for over a decade.  Yet I knew I wanted to spend more time with my family and focus on my business. I’d be more efficient at supporting working moms when I wasn’t in the corporate trenches. Now I work from home and enjoy work flexibility which comes with its own challenges. At night I am a career coach for The Maven Clinic and writing for About.com, FlexJobs.com, and Fairygodboss.com.

Fast Forward to My Working Motherhood Lifestyle Now

Now I work from home and enjoy work flexibility which comes with its own challenges. At night I coach working moms or I’m available on the first women’s digital clinic, The Maven Clinic as a career coach. Other work that I many is writing for About.com, FlexJobs.com, and Fairygodboss.com. In my spare time, I volunteer for my kids PTO and my church, I go to Jazzercise classes, read on my Kindle, bake gluten-free goodies, and take our puppy for walks.

Who am I kidding! I have no “spare” time. In order for me to live the life I want to live I make audacious choices based on my values and priorities. That is how I’ve made this work, it’s how I’m making it work now and it’s what you and I could work on to make your working motherhood lifestyle work for you.

I’m Head Over Heels in Love with Support Working Moms

Being coached changed my life. I know first-hand how beneficial coaching is for working moms. I had to become a certified professional coach who focused on working mom issues. So I got out there and did just that.

Working motherhood can get lonely regardless if you work in a male dominated field like I did. This is a pretty yucky feeling! You feel lonely because your children’s needs are unique. Your career challenges are unique. How you manage the two when you combine them is extremely unique. Going through these challenges can feel lonely because you don’t feel like anyone would understand or wants to take the time to understand.

I know what it’s like to be responsible for a home, the children, and even managing family medical conditions. When you add the need to continuously enhance your professional performance it’s enough to make you crazy! Carrying the dual workload of home and career is exhausting.

This is why working moms need coaching. To not feel lonely, to feel understood and loved no matter what choice they make, and to feel confident and competent. You need to feel audacious.

Working moms need support now more than ever. I want to help you sacrifice less and focus on your top priorities more.  I want to help you call the shots when making those tough work/life choices. Together I want to teach you to not only be brave and courageous, but audacious. If your career isn’t working for you, let’s change it. If motherhood is driving you nuts, let’s make it less chaotic. Together we’ll take charge of the things under your control so you can confidently say you are a working mom.

Here’s What I’m Proud Of Since Starting My Business

In 2012, 2013, and 2014, I was selected to be a coach at the Massachusetts Conference for Women. I represented the International Coach Federation New England chapter in the conference’s Career Pavilion’s Coaches Corner.

Rookie Coach of the Year 2013In 2013, the International Coach Federation New England Chapter awarded me their Rookie Coach of the Year Award.

Since January of 2015, I have been writing for About.com as their Working Mom Expert.  I write about time and energy management, maternity leave, returning to work, childcare, and more.

In the summer of 2016, I began writing for FlexJobs.com.  It’s amazing how work flexibility helps with your work/life balance (this is what I write about plus how I manage my flexible work schedule).

In January of 2017, I joined the first women’s digital clinic, The Maven Clinic. As one of their first career coaches I’ll be helping new working moms transition back to work after maternity leave.


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