Ignite Your Mommy Energy

Are you looking for a better work/life balance?  If you manage your personal energy by not allowing people, events, or things to zap your energy and find ways to ignite it, you’ll find more time in your day to do what you want and be a happier working mom.

Learn About the Four Motherhood Transition Challenges

In Liz’s book, “Igniting Mommy Energy” she shares her story about how she became a Confident-Joyful Working Mom which was her fourth motherhood transition challenge.  It wasn’t easy!  But through strengthening her emotional intelligence she found her way.

Find More Energy By Paying Attention to Your Emotions

Liz looks at many Working Moms struggles and situations from an emotional perspective.  The book’s chapters focus on the six major emotions that we feel: Anger, Sadness, Anxiety, Fear, Guilt, and Joy.  She shares why these emotions are good for you to let yourself feel, why they can hurt, and then her own personal stories.  When you are happy and you have the right support system you can have it all.

Why Liz Wrote This Book for Working Moms

“I wanted to give Working Moms the tools to start managing, building, and boosting their personal energy right now.  I call personal energy Mommy Energy because what else can explain the magical ability to care for a baby at 2 AM and then wake up for work the next day.  

Strengthening your emotional intelligence helps ignite her Mommy Energy.  In the book, you get to know me on a personal level as I share how I felt about being a mom through many motherhood transition challenges.  I want to show working moms that they are not alone in their struggles.  To show working moms I am there for them I opened up and shared what I’ve learned.  

My hope is that when they read my book they’ll be able to avoid some of the problems I have faced.  So they too can become a joyful and confident working mom.”

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Working Mom, Want In?

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