You have better things to do than explaining your working mom lifestyle choice. So, use one of these quick comebacks when asked, "Who watches your child?"

How to Avoid Rambling On When Asked, “Who Watches Your Child?”

Comebacks can be hard to think of when you’re asked: “So, who watches your child while you’re at work?” Instead, you ramble on about why your kid is going to daycare and ends is why you’re a working mom. Rachel, a working mom who wrote about her response on’s blog, said  her reply has sounded like she’s “desperately trying to justify the reasons why my daughter is being “raised” by someone other than her mother.”

You have better things to do with your time than explaining why you chose a working mom lifestyle. You handpicked someone special to watch your child. So the next time someone asks who watches your child use one of these four quick comebacks to feel confident about your choice.

The Simple Comeback: “My child goes to school during the day. <Then Share a Story>.”

If they reply back with, “You mean daycare?” and you can retort with, “Yes and it’s AMAZING there! My little one is learning so much. The other day she told me the funniest story about what she learned.” When you share stories, without being prompted to do so, it’s considered an assertiveness technique. It’s hard for people to disagree with you when you share a positive personal experience.

The Educated Comeback: A Lead Teacher qualified by The Department of Early Childhood Education and Care does.

When you use the qualifications of the teachers it shows you’ve done your homework! You’re showing you’ve done research on who would be best to watch your child and that credentials are important to you. Plus, it’s impressive to share that your child is getting a certified education from someone more knowledgeable in early childhood than you are.

The Marketing Comeback: My child goes to a school whose goal is <fill in the blank>

Like any business, your preschool has a goal, a mission, or a vision and it’s a reason why you chose them. Take the opportunity to advertise the benefits of your child’s school. You never know, the person asking the question may need child care one day. Why not brag about the benefits of your child’s school when you get the chance! You’ll be helping your child’s school and the person you’re talking to and anyone else listening to the conversation.

The Loving Comeback: My child is discovering a love for learning while I go to work.

When kids go to daycare they are strengthening their self-esteem! They are making choices, learning how to get along with others, and beginning to believe in themselves. Plus they are surrounded by other children who are in the same boat. The person watching them gives them a positive school experience every day. You’ve got one lucky kid!


These comebacks are about your children, not you. To save you time and energy you can choose not to add the reasons why you choose to be a working mom. Be proud of your decision to send your kid to school! Don’t give into the mommy guilt because of someone’s curiosity.

The reality is people are curious about working moms. And why not!? We’re pretty amazing and achieve so much. They want to know how we “do it all”. So give them a quick glimpse of your life but keep it short. You have other things you need to accomplish.

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