Do you have an urge to clean up your quadruple workload but avoid it? Then use spring cleaning as an excuse to clean things up a bit!

How to Divide and Conquer Spring Cleaning Your Life

Spring time is when magazine covers shout about spring cleaning tips. Their advice is great if you had the time to follow it. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a house cleaner, spring cleaning is probably not a priority.  I get it! You’re a busy working mom!

And besides, I bet there are other things in your life that could use a good spring cleaning. Like how well you take care of yourself, how you manage your family’s activities or your career plan. Do you have an urge to clean up your act in any one of these areas but avoid it? Then use spring cleaning as an excuse to clean things up a bit!

The key is to divide and conquer. Here are some tips you can follow that will leave you feeling squeaky clean.

Start Spring Cleaning by Dividing Up Your Priorities

You have more than a dual workload that consists of just work and family. Truthfully, you have a quadruple workload, which is your career plans, your family responsibilities, your self-care regime, and yes, the house management. This is why your juggling act can take up a good amount of energy. Have you ever thought about spring cleaning your quadruple workload?

To get things organized re-prioritize your priorities with a simple trick — make a master to-do list. Take a piece of 8×10 paper, fold it in half, then fold it in half again, then unfold it. The paper is now divided into four squares. At the top of each square write down self-care, family, house management, and career.

Now divide your top priorities are in each square. Here are a few examples. In self-care, you may aim to start each week off with a Sunday night bath and exercising for 30-minutes 3-days per week. Under the family block, you may have kid sports and birthday parties. For house management, gosh, this would be a long list but keep it top level like keeping the entrance way clean and laundry. Finally, in career, you may want to keep your LinkedIn profile updated and constantly look for opportunities to improve and grow.

Decide What to Conquer First by Making Lists

What do you want to conquer first in each section of your life? You can make another to-do list and break down your spring cleaning into monthly goals and weekly tasks. Keep things in perspective by imaging that you’re spring cleaning your life. This clean-up will take a good chunk of time and so does improving one area of your life. Sometimes spring cleaning can be done in a weekend and sometimes it takes a month. Just start.

There’s something awesome about list making. Your list helps you delegate your energy and effort evenly between the four key areas of your life. If you find yourself accomplishing more housework than self-care tasks then you know you’ve got your priorities mixed up! If you’re paying more attention to your career rather than your kid’s activities you know you are out of balance. Your list keeps you in check.

Follow a Spring Cleaning Plan

Just like when you spring clean your home you’ll want to follow a plan to spring clean your life. You know what area you’re doing the least amount of work in so start there. Make appointments with yourself to enhance this area by making lists of things you could do or research. With a plan you’ll know how to start, the work you need to do, and when things are finished. Without a plan, you’ll waste time and energy and continue procrastinating making overdue changes in your life.

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