Writing is a power move. Magic happens when you see something in black and white. If you want to face change here's why you need to write about it.

Why Writing Makes You More Comfortable with Change

Writing stuff down makes things happen. Like when you write a to-do list, you’re more likely to accomplish things. When you write down your goal(s), you’re more likely to achieve them. If you write about a plan you’re more likely to follow it.


So, if you want to get more comfortable with making some changes in your life you will need a journal and you need to start writing as often as possible. Working mama, thoughts come to you quicker than you can make a kids’ turkey sandwich! You need a place to capture these little gems so you can remember them and give them more thought later.

Writing serves a purpose. Magic happens when you see something in black and white. If you want to face change comfortably then here’s why you need to write about it.

Writing Puts You in Control

I believe that writing in a journal makes you feel more confident and courageous and thus audacious (my favorite word!!). I did some research and found two studies that support my theory that writing makes you capable of handling change and reaching your goals.

One study was done by the Harvard MBA program back in 1979. They asked graduates if they had goals and if they wrote them down. 3% said yes, 13% thought of goals but had not written them down, and the remaining 84% had no goals. Ten years later, they found that the 13% who had thought of goals but had not written them down were earning double than the ones with no goals and the 3% who had written goals were earning 10 times more than everyone else!

The second study was done by Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University of California. She worked with 267 participants and found that they were 42% more likely to achieve their goals if they wrote them down. Writing is powerful stuff!

Writing seems so simple so why do so many of us choose not to do it? I think that we fear the unknown and this gets us in a rut. What if I told you if you chose to start writing magic would happen. It’s true!

Writing Can Calm Your Fears

When you follow a process you feel comfortable. You know where to begin, what will be required of you, and when your work is done. A structure like this feels doable. Fear does not. There’s no structure. It feels confusing, scattered, and chaotic.

Fear does not feel good. Instead of feeling comfort in structure fear feels scattered, confusing and chaotic. It’s no wonder we feel stuck in fear!

To stop feeling afraid and find the structure you’re craving for, write about your fear. Get it all down on paper. Forget that you’re venturing into unexplored territory and follow this process. The first step is to get the fear out of your system.

Afterward, your fear doesn’t feel so big anymore! You feel a bit lighter! It’s magic!

When you read what you wrote you spot a plan about how to handle the changes ahead. If so, keep writing, either right then or sleep on it and write later. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you can see a predictable outcome and limit surprises.

Writing Can Move You to Your Next Step

The reason why most of us fail to write is the fear of commitment. Writing stuff down makes you feel like you have more work to do. I know, I know, you’re a working mama and you have enough work to do!! But is all the work you’re doing enough to make you happy?

If you feel unsatisfied you need to get motivated to take that next step. Writing stuff down will make stuff happen. The result is a visual reminder of the work you want to do. When you write you allow yourself to dream big on paper because after all, all you are doing is writing stuff down. Nothing has actually changed… yet. 🙂

Then the magic happens again. Once you become aware of something, like that career rut, it’s hard to keep tolerating it. So what do you do? Keep writing.

What steps could you take, that are within your control, to move out of your rut? Wow! You realize that you are really angry with what you’re putting up with. What are you going to do to change that?


When you write there will be questions that pop up that you are hungry to answer. They are the key to helping you face your fear. By answering one question at a time you’re taking baby steps to solve your problems. If you keep writing eventually you will find the answers to your questions, but you must stick with it (or you can always talk to me to expedite things).

Writing is a power move. It means you mean business and need a change. Have faith in the process and write, woman, write!

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