You're invited to join me on The Maven Clinic. Come learn who The Maven Clinic is, why I joined, and what is in it for you, the working mom.

Come Join Me On The First Women-Only Digital Clinic, The Maven Clinic

I have joined Maven as one of their first career coaches and I want you, Working Mama, to come join me and stop struggling with working motherhood. Are you excited!? I am!!

If you haven’t worked with me before this will be an awesome opportunity for you! The app will show my availability, so pick a time that works for you. You’ll get easy access to me through their online video app, just be sure you have good wifi. In addition to the video appointment, they also offer a forum where you can post a question for coaches, practitioners, and other members of the community to answer. Instead of wasting time and energy worrying about working motherhood challenges come join me on Maven!

Allow me to introduce The Maven Clinic, why I’ve joined them and what this big news means for you.

Who is The Maven Clinic

The Maven Clinic (“Maven”) is a New York City-based startup company offering the first digital clinic for women.   They offer a telehealth platform that aims to give women everywhere access to affordable, on-demand video appointments with a wide range of high-quality professionals.  This amazing concept will allow you to skip numerous emails with me about scheduling, questions, updates, or billing questions and instead just get straight to business. Another perk is instead of googling working mom tips or questions you can book a 10-minute session with me to find the answer.

When Maven first started they connected a community of highly vetted nurse practitioners, nurse-midwives, mental health providers, physical therapists, nutritionists, lactation consultants, and doulas to women, via video appointments. They also provide access to specialized physicians, including pediatricians, OB/GYNs, and psychologists.

In January 2017, The Maven Clinic announced they’d offer career, sex, and wellness coaches to their line-up. They believe that coaches are at the forefront of a fundamental shift occurring in today’s healthcare industry. I’m honored that they’ve brought me on and excited to jump on this ride with them.

Why I Joined The Maven Clinic

The Maven Clinic recruited me because of my focus on working moms. They offer “Maven Care 2.0” for women returning to work after maternity leave.  I will act as their go-to consultant for this program. This program is perfect to help you cope with any challenges during this transition period.

Not only can you invest in this as an individual but your company could as well! If you think this program, or Maven in general, is something your company would be interested in contact Maven for a demo!

Their vision is to make available better health services for women throughout their lives— particularly around points of transition like becoming a mother.  Their mission supports mine. I believe working moms need to be audacious, meaning strong and brave, when making choices about work/life balance. It takes a village to raise a family and Maven and I want to be a part of your village. They are making it so easy for us to work together I couldn’t resist jumping on board.

What This Means for You

Working mom, their platform is going to make it incredibly easy for us to work together. Within their app or the online portal, you can book one session per week, pay for your session, have a video chat (no makeup or business suit required) and keep notes about our discussions.  It’s a one-stop shop for your needs as the client and mine as your coach. If you’d like more details about how The Maven Clinic works go check out’s “How it Works” page or my Work with Me on Maven page.

Maven is on to something big in telehealth.  The convenience and flexibility they offer are exactly what working moms need to get their answers fast and on their terms. With a quick tap of your finger book an appointment whenever and wherever. Plus you’ll get a text message reminding you about your session so you don’t miss an appointment.

My office hours will be from 8 PM EST – 11 PM EST and some mornings 8:30 AM -11:30 AM EST. If these hours don’t work we could make other arrangements.

Your first 10-minute session is free (WHOOT!) to give you a feel for the platform and a quick chat. I specialize in subjects like work/life balance (or work/life sway), returning from maternity leave, time and energy management, and other working motherhood challenges. If these topics are something you’d like to work on I encourage you to book your appointment today.

Join Me On Maven

I invite you to come join me on Maven! It’ll only take a view minutes to load the app on your phone or create your account online.  If you want step-by-step instructions please check out my “Work With Me on Maven” page. I hope to see you over on Maven!

Does my announcement excite you? Have any questions? Leave a comment down below and let me know!

Click here to join Liz on The Maven Clinic



You're invited to join Liz McGrory at The Maven Clinic. Come learn who The Maven Clinic is, why Liz joined, and what is in it for you, the working mom.

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Liz McGrory

Liz is a work/life sway strategist helping stressed out working mom better manage their quadruple workload of self, family, home and career. You can also check her out on as their working mom expert and on The Maven Clinic as one of their career coaches.

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