How to Break the Bad Habit of Rushing Out of the House

Are you tired of rushing around in the morning because you hit the snooze button more times than you’d like to admit?  If so, it’s probably hard to get into one of the most recommended habits for working moms, which is to wake up before the family.  When you do you the chance to wake up slowly, enjoy some quiet time, and take care of yourself before you need to take care of everyone else. Such a great energy boost!  

If you want to break the habit of rushing around in the morning you’ll need to focus on your wake up process.  The first step is to go to bed early, at the same time every night and wake up every morning at the same time every morning.  But if you’re already doing this and still struggling to wake up with a boost of energy here are five tips on how to break the bad habit of rushing out of the house so you can start the day off right.

Use Your Alarm Clock Wisely

You could use the old trick of moving your alarm clock across the room so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off.  Place your alarm near your bedroom door so that you can continue moving forward and out of the room.

There’s an app called Kiwake that you could try.  It’s a motivational app that helps you wake up mentally, stretch, take a picture of your empty bed, and then start thinking about your goals.  In an interview Tony Robbins did with Oprah he said he wakes up every morning and immediately starts thinking about what he’s grateful for and then he thinks about his yearly goals for a total of 10 minutes.  The Kiwake app goes nicely with Mr. Robbin’s suggestion.

If you use your alarm clock more mindfully it can help avoid the morning rush, you’ll be a happier mom in the A.M., and you’ll have more energy to help carry you through your day.

Let in the Light to Help You Wake Up

Yes, darkness helps you fall asleep better but light helps you wake up easier.  Try wearing a sleeping mask to help you fall asleep.  By the time you wake in the morning your mask will have either fallen off or will be crooked.  This way you’ll see darkness at night and light in the morning.

Plus rushing around in the dark is asking for a stubbed toe!  Open those shades!

Wake Up to the Smell of Coffee

Nothing beats the smell of a cup of coffee.  This will be great motivation to get you out of bed and follow the smell.  When you set the timer on your coffee maker set it to a time before the rest of your family wakes up.  You want to enjoy your coffee and not be guzzling it while rushing out the door.

Prep Well the Night Before

Take a shower the night before to shave off time in the morning.  You can also make your lunch and the kids lunches at night.  This works for me because I don’t like the smell of deli meat or tuna with my coffee!  Besides putting out your outfit and your kid’s outfits for the next day put on your socks before you go to bed.  If you wear an undershirt, put that on as well.  These articles of clothing will be one less thing you’ll need to rush around putting on in the A.M.

Get Motivated to Wake Up

If you are trying to break a bad habit of hitting the snooze button find a reason to wake up every morning, other than heading to work.  This could be a new coffee creamer you’ve never tasted, a new body wash to use in your shower that morning, a work assignment you’re looking forward to tackling or a new workout DVD.  When you have something to look forward when you wake up it can propel you out of bed and boost your personal energy.


If you follow these five tips you’ll find your energy won’t be zapped because you started your day off wrong.  As a working mom you need all the energy you can get in the morning so that you can successfully make it through the day.

 It makes you feel balanced.

Do you hit the snooze button often? What have you tried to break the habit and how’s that working out for you?  Leave a comment down below!



How to break the bad habit of rushing out the door


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