4 Things that Boosted My Energy While Party Planning

I boosted my energy while planning a party for four important people in my life: my youngest daughter, my son, my husband, and my brother, and my son’s first communion.  Keeping my personal energy up was going to be important because of the quadruple workload I was about to work on. I needed to think of presents for everyone plus shop. The menu needed to be planned,  gluten-free and enough to feed a large crowd. Plus I had to bake the cake due to food allergies (one less thing to worry about).

I went from having no plans to overwhelm. Do big holiday’s like this creep up on you, too? It can be a huge energy zapper during a time when you really need an energy boost!

Here are four things that boosted my energy while party planning.

Make Lists to Make Sense of Your Thoughts

If I wanted to relax I had to get all of my thoughts down on paper. I sat down with a pen, paper, and my iPad. I started a gift list for kids, my hubby, and brother.  Coincidently, my family started texting me about what to get the birthday kids. I couldn’t have planned it better!

After four hours of searching for gifts, copying their links, and asking all birthday people what they wanted the list was made and one present bought.  WHOOT! It was a challenge to send the family the gift email because my kids wanted a sneak peak. I didn’t’ let this zap my energy and empathized with their curiosity. I was once like them.

Fit in Exercise

After lunch, we moved furniture. We moved our son into his own room and the girls into their own room.  After sitting for so long I knew I needed to move. Ideally, we wanted this move to happen before the party so everyone could adapt. We couldn’t put the move off much longer because the girls need their privacy.  Plus our youngest was comfortable in her twin bed and ready to be with her sister.

And so the move began.

First came the tears (energy zapper).  Then came the confusion (why is my bed in here again?).  Then everyone went outside to play because I was losing my cool and just needed to be alone.  This was a blessing (silence felt good) and a curse (I was left with the rest of the work).

After the crowd came back inside it was dinner prep time but I had a problem.  It was incredibly difficult to walk around the house because a volcano of toys and clothes had exploded.  I needed a boost of energy so I could continue…

Put Some Space Between You and What’s Stressing You Out

I was frustrated because I took on a project we had been procrastinating about without any planning. After this ‘ah-ha’ moment the mess didn’t seem as messy! The party would be great motivation to put bins of toys into the attic.  Then we could take them out for summer break as a surprise.

The energy boost helped me take the puppy for a walk/run. Getting out of the house, some fresh air with no kids was the big energy booster I was looking for.  I was sore afterward but had a spring in my step for the rest of the evening. Bath night for all three kids?  No problem!  It’ll help them sleep in their new rooms.

Notice What Lessons You’ve Learned

In the end, I learned more about my personal energy.  I learned how to be a bit more patient. I tried smiling when I just wanted to stomp my feet (although there was still a lot of stomping).  I also appreciated silence more as it really helped me build my personal energy back up.

This move marks a new chapter in my children’s lives.  The girls will grow closer because they are now in the same room and my son will become more independent.  As you can see it’s still a work in progress but it’ll be an enjoyable one because we can start forming new memories in their room that will make them even happier in our home.

Can you name a time where you took something on unexpectedly and it zapped your energy?  Did you do anything to boost your energy back up?  If not, what could you have tried?  Leave a comment below!

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Liz McGrory

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