How to Let Emotions Roll Right on Through

What emotions did you feel this week?

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For me they were:









There were times when I got caught up in the emotions, like a tornado.  In face, we had tornado watches in Massachusetts this week.  I guess they matched the emotions I was feeling! Ha!

But there were other times when I just observed the emotion.  Like, yes, this is stress.  I can feel it and I can see it in my actions.  Becoming aware of it prevented the tornado effect.  I still felt it but it didn’t control my actions or thoughts as much.  I had caught on that stress was affecting me and others around me.

All three kids came down with fevers this past week.  Isn’t it hard seeing your kids sick?  They weren’t all sick at the same time but this made the feeling of worry stretch out for the week.  I had one morning where I was just feeling “bleh” and no I didn’t have a fever.  This particular morning I knew didn’t have time to feel “bleh”.

I could have kept going with my to-do list, but this “bleh” feeling would keep popping up interrupting creativity and progress.  Such a pain in the tuckus!

Has that ever happened to you?  The longer you took to explore why you were feeling an emotion the more that emotions got in your way?  GR!

I had importante things to do!  I didn’t want to use my time and energy dwelling on things that I couldn’t control.  For the love of Cheerios I just needed to get going!  But without a bit of either resolution or more awareness this wasn’t going to happen.  I needed to do some work.

So I sat down and wrote about a few problems to help clear my mind.  With this new clarity I was able to call someone in my support system and express my thoughts clearly without running on or getting too emotional.  This pow-wow helped me explore my options to create action steps to get going.

My action steps started with focusing on the now.  What was going on in that very moment that needed my attention?  Thinking like this helped stop worrying and assuming things that were not true yet or may never be true.  Worrying is exhausting and I knew I didn’t have time for it and I didn’t want to use energy on it.

My kids fevers were a good thing and the medicine would do the trick.  I could take this opportunity to enjoy some quiet time with the sick child or give more attention to the other two.  We’ve been on the go alot this summer so perhaps we all needed the rest and relaxation.  I also took this opportunity to teach them about being sick and how to make themselves feel better.  I taught the other kids how to take care of their sick sibling.  Also, I took advantage of the quiet time and did some things for myself.

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Have you noticed how much of your emotions take up your energy?  How can you put a halt to it to help figure things out?  How will you take this advice and apply to the emotions that are rolling through you today?  Write about it in the comments below and tell me all about it.

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