Look Fear in the Face

Audaciously Face Your Fears With This Advice

Fear has been by my side but it has helped me see I’m doing what I’m meant to do.

I’ve had a bit of stage fright.  Many new adventures have been terrifying.  The funny thing is that although I was feeling fear it was business as usual and the show went on, even through MANY snow days.  Let me tell you all about it…

Besides running my business I’ve taken on new projects.  These projects are stretching me beyond my comfort zone.  Thoughts like this pop up every now and then,

Look Fear in the Face
Look Fear in the Face

“Can I handle this?”

“Will my results be good enough?”

“How can I manage all of this and keep my Mommy Energy up?”

“How can I boost my Mommy Energy so I don’t feel overwhelmed?”

When questions like this started to swim around in my brain it felt like Jaws was about to gulp down my courage.  To fight the fear I stopped thinking that I had big shoes to fill.  My feet are the perfect size to take on these challenges.  This perspective helps me stop looking behind me and focus on what I’m capable of in this moment.  I was selected for these roles because of what I can bring to the table.  Have faith, Lizzy.

My family has had some medical challenges this week.  I put off appointments because I feared the results.  How selfish, I know.  But a mama’s heart can only handle so much, right?  I realized that this attitude was hurting the family.  So I bravely made appointments and test were run.  Some results are good, some not so good, but this is OK.  By feeling the fear and then realizing my fear was preventing others from feeling better my family is now a bit stronger.

I knew that these fears were sucking up my Mommy Energy.  I could FEEL it and I didn’t like it.  I needed my Mommy Energy to tackle everything I was fearing!  It felt empowering to break through barriers (more like huge blocks of ICE, no pun intended New Englanders!!) and overcome my fears.

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Liz McGrory

Liz is a work/life sway strategist helping stressed out working mom better manage their quadruple workload of self, family, home and career. You can also check her out on TheSpurce.com as their working mom expert and on The Maven Clinic as one of their career coaches.

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