What’s up, Mommy Energy!

What IS Mommy Energy all about and how do you get some?

When I talk about Mommy Energy the common response is, “I NEED some!”

I have GREAT news!

You have it already.


We all crave more time.  There’s so much to do and not enough time to do it all.

Is that statement really true?

Is it really time that holds you back?

No.  It’s not time.  It’s energy. 

When you feel tired and can’t get that “one more thing” done it’s not because you ran out of time, it’s because you ran out of Mommy Energy.

So what is Mommy Energy all about?

Mommy Energy is about how you feel about life.  It’s how you respond to your emotions.  Mommy Energy-

When you put your “all” into something you use Mommy Energy.  When you procrastinate crushing a project you use Mommy Energy.  When you stay up late worrying about your kids going back to school you use Mommy Energy.  When you host a BBQ you use Mommy Energy.  When you win over a new client you use Mommy Energy.

Everything that you do uses Mommy Energy.

Think of the above scenarios.  How much Mommy Energy did it take to do (or not do) those things?

Everything that you do in life is affected by you being a Mom.  There’s no fighting this.  I’ve heard some people say they leave “family” at the door when they enter the office.  Why is that the “right” thing to do?

I say bring ALL of you into the office.  Use this love you have for your little ones and husband IN.  It helps bring passion to what you are doing.  That LOVE makes you happier.  That LOVE makes you more driven.  That LOVE fuels you throughout your day.    This is strength, not a weakness.

You chose to become a parent, don’t deny the energy source that comes with being a Mom.

You use Mommy Energy to react to life.  Mommy Energy is what makes it possible to get up for 2AM feedings.  Mommy Energy is what gets you through your day.  Every day.  It’s miraculous.

What if you could use Mommy Energy proactively?  Use it how you see fit?

Everything you do you do for your family and yourself.  But it’s hard to separate the two, right?  Then don’t.  Do “it all” for your family.

Know what your “all” is.


Use your Mommy Energy to define it.  How do you want your kids to see you?  How do you want your work to see you?  How do you want your husband to see you?

Answer the question, don’t shy away from it.  Know the answer down to your core and then use your Mommy Energy to show it to the world.

Mommy Energy is extremely powerful.  Just realizing that you have it at your fingertips is empowering.  It’s a beautiful asset that when used wisely makes you the super women that you know you are.  Mommy Energy is what makes all things possible.  Be mindful about how and when you use it today.  Notice where it takes you both emotionally and physically.  Then every day, tweak it, because practice of Mommy Energy management makes almost perfect.

Who wants to be perfect anyways?  Trying to attain perfection will only zap your Mommy Energy and now that you are aware of your Mommy Energy, you don’t want that, right?


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Now that you know a bit about Mommy Energy, what do you think about it?  Leave any questions or comments down below and I’ll tackle it!!!!!!!

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