What is mommy energy? Can you control it? Here's the story behind mommy energy (I bet you can relate!!) and why it makes you feel like a superhero.

Mommy Energy, the Reason Why Moms Feel Like A Superhero

You are a superhero. Yup! And the reason why is because you have mommy energy. This magical energy source you can control. Here’s how I came up with this term and what it can mean to you.

The Story of Mommy Energy

I was a working mom of two children at the time, both in diapers. My baby was colicky and never slept the night.  Before she was diagnosed though there was this time when I was up at 2 AM with her.  I was downstairs so the baby wouldn’t wake my husband.  No use both of us feeling tired the next day at work, right?

I sat with her in my arms crying right along with her.  I had no idea how to pacify her.  She was fed, had a dry diaper, I had rocked her, sang her favorite tune, I felt like I had tried everything. Plus this was my second time around.  I did not feel like a superhero.

I was a hot mess.

And I had a *big* day at work the next day.  Of course, right?  The next morning I pulled off getting the kids dropped off in time to make it into work early to prepare for the day.  After my big day was over I thought, “How the hell did I just pull that off?”

It was like magic.  There was this energy within me that allowed me to stay up late to care for my colicky baby and deal with my emotions.  Then I magically found this personal energy to get me through my day. Nothing was going to get me down because I had to succeed to further my career provide for my family. I had become a superhero because of my mommy energy.

What Is Mommy Energy

This sounds like a simple definition, but mommy energy is anything but simple, it’s magical like superhero powers.

You should never feel like you’ve been defeated by the evil villain.  You have your mommy energy that you can control.  There is a superhero power within you that you can choose how to use, when to use it and how much you need.  You always have a choice.

How You Can Control Your Mommy Energy

When your mommy energy is low you need to focus on what will boost it.  Next, create a personal boundary so your energy won’t be zapped again.

Energy means: “The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.”

Add to this “to defend your family and career” and you’ve got a definition of mommy energy.

There are ways to keep your strength up!  Build up your mommy energy.

Taking care of your vitality helps others around you.  Maintain your mommy energy.

When you ignite your mommy energy there will be no enemy that can defeat you.

There will only be possibilities and opportunities because you will be in the right state of mind, with high energy, to accept and act on them.

Reader, what does the term “mommy energy” mean to you? If you have your own definition you’ll feel more control over it. Share it below in the comment section.

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What is mommy energy? Can you control it? Here's the story behind mommy energy (I bet you can relate!!) and why it makes you feel like a superhero!

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