Gratitude #mommyenergy

How to Ignite Your Mommy Energy!

What takes up the most amount of your Mommy Energy?

Gratitude #mommyenergy
Gratitude #mommyenergy

Mommy Energy is what a Mom uses to get everything she needs to get done, done.

To show you how to Ignite your Mommy Energy (other than telling you to buy my book, “Igniting Mommy Energy” THIS Saturday) is to share an example from my life.

Last night I went to the ICFNE 4th Annual Gratitude Awards Gala.

Besides the to-do list I had to complete before I left, getting dolled up for the evening,  and making sure my husband was all with the kids my emotions consumed much of my Mommy Energy.


Mommy Energy Name your emotions

Ask yourself, “Hey self, how are you feeling right now?”

I was nervous.  I wasn’t receiving an award but I was a presenter of the Rookie Coach of the Year award.  

I was stressed.  This is the biggest networking event of the year!  I was about to meet some great new people.

I was excited.  I was about to celebrate with my coach friends!

I was angry.  I had forgotten business cards!  Completely forgot to put this on my to-do list.  I thought I had everything together and that I was prepared.


Mommy EnergyTry to think your way into a state of joy.

I practiced my speech and looked at the cons of presenting.  I was going to tell a room of over 100 people about my book!  This was going to be awesome!

If someone wants my card I’ll write my info on a napkin.  I’ll get cards from others and tell them I’ll find you tomorrow on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn.  It’s helpful to bring a card to a networking event, but I didn’t need them to make the night a success.

Last year I was a nervous wreck because I was nominated, but this year I get to be a cheerleader!  Last year I had to drive through thunder and lightning (one of my biggest fears), but tonight was clear skies.  I got out of the house smoothly with no teary eyes from the kiddos, where last year everyone was just a sad mess.


I still wasn’t in a state of joy yet but I felt better.  You can practice these steps before bed.  Ask yourself, what consumed the most amount of my Mommy Energy today?  What could you do tomorrow so that this consumption doesn’t happen again.  Maybe there’s a negative story in your mind that keeps playing over and over again.  How can you just let it go?

When you find relief, fill this spot with something that makes you happy.  Fill it with gratitude, peace, or maybe nothing at all and just take a few deep breaths and enjoy that moment.  You were able to work it out!

If a spot doesn’t open up, have faith that it will.  Everything resolves itself.  We all want to be in a state of joy.  Your mind and heart will come together.  Have faith in that and they will.  Saw a great quote today which was:

“Worry look around, sadness look back, faith looks up” ~unknown

Here’s to lookin’ up!



Lizzy’s Lounge

Now I’d love to hear from you!

What is the #1 thing that is consuming your Mommy Energy?

What steps can you take to start thinking your way back to a state of Joy?

Leave a comment below to let me know!

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4 thoughts on “How to Ignite Your Mommy Energy!

  1. Hi Lizzy,

    Nice to find you through our Working Mom Blogger group on FB! What’s taking my mommy energy right now is *drama* on my 10yo’s baseball team: the stereotypical drama of a coach who wants to win at all costs, with no value on character or teamwork. In other words, if you are the best player, you are a God to him; if you’re not the best player, then get out of the way. Yikes. I pray and pray and just let go. Pretty much all the time the last 2 days!


  2. Hi Katy! Ditto! 🙂 Thanks for the comment and that’s great advice. Just pray and leave it to the powers that be that things will turn out right. Looking forward to following you!

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