How much Mommy Energy does it take to have a screaming match with your kids? ALOT!

What I Learned from a Screaming Match with the Kids

My husband got hit with the flu, again.  He was home sick for 4 days so he was home but he wasn’t really home because he was in bed 24/7.  So basically I was on my own for  days straight with no support  I didn’t want to invite anyone over  for fear that they’d get sick.  I was more tired than usual at the end of the day and I realized that it was because I had been losing my temper more often.  I’m not one to yell but I got into a couple of screaming matches with the kids.  This didn’t make me feel good because I know I’m better than that.

Have you had a moment when you just lose it and the only thing you think, at the moment that will make you feel good is if you yell?   To have that adult temper tantrum.  Have you ever noticed how much energy it takes to be mad at someone?

Getting that angry at my kids and yelling at them really zapped my Mommy Energy.   Once I realized that I began to perk up a bit.

Then this is what I did next.

First I thought about why I was really angry.  Most likely it’s not because the kids kept jumping on the couch.  I was mad because I was trying to do my normal thing at my normal energy level and things weren’t working out.  I discovered I needed to change my priorities to adapt to the current situation.  Instead of getting xyz done I aimed to only get x done or maybe x & y and leave z for another day

I had to be more aware of how I was taking care of myself.  I had a deadline during this time and I stayed up way too late, and I felt stupid doing it, but it needed to get done.  The next day was tough.  I tried to drink more water and watch what kind of fuel or food I put into my body.  I took more deep breaths and would think to myself, this too shall pass.  It’s amazing when you take a dep breath and let your body sink into it, it makes you feel better.

I also had to practice more empathy.  My kids had their dad home for the weekend plus 4 days, but they weren’t getting any attention from him and he was in bed most of the time.  This isn’t normal and it was confusing to them.  I aimed to be more patience and choose my battles better.  I gave them more love.   I had to make up for my husband not being around.  I sat with the kids more, gave hugs & kisses more, talked about love, got down at their level when they were talking to me, and gave them more attention than usual.

The good news is my husband is feeling better, he was the only one to get sick (this time around) and things are now back to normal.

So now I’d love to hear from you!  Can you relate to what I experienced last week?  What can you do when you’re at your wits end and no help is on the way?  How will you manage this conflict without expending your energy?  Leave a comment down below.

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