Calling in sick to work

How to Not Feel Guilty About Calling in Sick

My house was recently hit with the flu.  In the midst of it, I was supposed to attend a 5 hour coaching event.  The night before I had a temperature and went to bed at 6PM because I was so fatigued.  I couldn’t even take care of the kids! 

I woke up the next morning, felt better and contemplated going.  But this little voice inside me said, “There will be a networking event tonight.  Could you honestly shake hands with people knowing you’ve been so sick and had a fever within the last 24 hours?  Plus, I’m contagious!”

Here’s a video telling you all about it…

I didn’t go.

The next day I came down with an even worse case of the flu.  My husband had it, too!   I woke to fed the baby, but the kids ate whatever they wanted all day and watched whatever they wanted.  They didn’t fight, that was the strange thing.

This made me think about times when I wouldn’t feel well and I’d have to call in sick.  There were times when I would feel guilty about calling into work sick.  Is our health more important than our career?  There are three things I do w to ward off the guilt when we are leaning toward taking care of ourselves.

#1.  What are your physical ailments?  Write them down then grade them on a scale from 1-10.

#2.  Visualize your success.  If you decide to go to work, can you visualize yourself taking care of the kids, managing your workload, and then back to the house to manage the family and home?  Can you muster up your Mommy Energy and get everything done that you need to get done?  Then visualize your day if you decided to stay home.  What could you do to get yourself healthy and build up your energy level?

#3.  Decide if going to work will be worth it in the long run?  Will you be more productive if you gave your body a rest, for however long?  How much more effective will you be the next day if you call in sick?

I know in the United States we have this mentality that we just need to suck it up and get into work.  The truth is that social proof doesn’t do you or anyone around you any good.  So think twice before acting like the tough gal.

Now I’d like to hear from you!  What are things you use to help decide if you should call into work sick?  Leave a comment down below.

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