When you're off-balanced your angry or frustrated, right? It's hard to do *all* that you do in this state of mind. Read these tips and get back on track.

How to Overcome Feeling Off-Balanced When Things Aren’t Going Right

When you feel off-balanced you feel anything but happiness.  For example, you may feel frustrated about  work and when you get home this frustration dominates your thoughts.  When you combine this emotion with taking care of tired kids at the end of the day you wind up feeling angrier.

Another example is that you are worried about your kids after dropping them off at school.  When you get to work you try to focus on your job but you can’t help but still feel worried.  Sometimes that on/off switch from mothering mode to work mode doesn’t work so well.

These are situations like these pile-up things stop clicking. It’s hard to integrate work into your life and you feel off-balanced.  So how can you make things click again?

Focus on the Big Picture

To help you get out of your head, or to help get your mind off your feelings think about the big picture.  What are your goals for the day?  What is the top priority in this moment?  Determine a specific set of tasks or goals and then get to it.  When you have created  a plan you feel more in control of your thoughts.  This also makes it easy to get to work.

If you are a visual person, take out a piece of paper and write down that to-do list no matter how simple it is.  This applies for when you are at work or just getting home from work.  That feeling of accomplishment feels great when you cross things off and you’ll also feel better about what you were worrying about.  It may even feel like it wasn’t as big of a deal after all.

Focus On Your Reality

Is what you’re concerned about really happening at this very moment?  If it’s not, what is happening?  Bring your mind to the present moment.  This is your reality, not the worrisome thoughts like “What if this happens at work?” or “Will my child keep crying all day?”

This is called practicing mindfulness.  You are focusing on what is happening right now.  When you are mindful of the present moment you feel balanced.  You can say to yourself, “I am where I belong right now and will do what I need to do.”

Say Your Mantra to Yourself

Do you have a saying you can say to yourself to make you feel better?  For me, it’s, “Focus on what happens today.”  Life can change so quickly.  A phone call, text, email, or conversation can change your world.  You just never know what’s going to happen.  Your worrisome or angry thoughts could dissolve in an instant.  Instead of using your time and energy on things that aren’t true yet, say your mantra and move on with your day.

Working Mom, if you’re feeling off-balanced right this very second, you need to make a change ASAP.  What is one tiny thing you can do to get back on track?  Leave me a comment down below!

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When you're off-balanced your angry or frustrated, right? It's hard to do *all* that you do in this state of mind. Read these tips and get back on track.

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