Bonnie Tomassian

Working Mom Spotlight: A weight loss journey with a happy ending

Bonnie Tomassian
Bonnie Tomassian


Bonnie Tomassian is a Certified Health Coach for Take Shape for Life.  In today’s Working Mom Spotlight she shares a story about her weight loss and what it means to her.  Bonnie is a very inspirational and a love to chat with.  You can follow Bonnie on Facebook or check out her site,

When I was younger, the mirror was my friend. I liked the reflection I saw – I was young, healthy, fit and had style. Then one day, I looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of a person I thought I’d never see… I was no longer tiny and fit. Style took a back seat to motherhood…or so I thought… maybe it wasn’t motherhood that left me not caring about my clothes…maybe it was the fact that they didn’t look as good on me as years before or that shopping was no longer fun.

I’m 40 now but my weight started creeping up at 24 when my mother was diagnosed with cancer and died soon after. That’s when I put on the first 10 lbs that would “never” come off. The weight gain was so gradual that I didn’t realize what was happening; at some point, I became resigned to the fact I’d never be as thin as I once was. After the loss of my mother, I promised myself I would take better care of myself than she did. She didn’t ask for cancer, but she smoked, loved her sweets and fried food and didn’t exercise. I lost her too young and I wanted to be healthy for the children I would one day have.  

I was sabotaged by 2 pregnancies, a husband with a sweet tooth and multiple home renovations that led to a lot of take-out…these things and my choices led me to where I was 7 months ago – disgusted with my reflection and the fact that I wasn’t taking care of myself.  I fulfilled some short-term weight loss goals, like fitting into a bikini for a cruise…but it only looked good for the first couple of days! I was a yo-yo dieter – when I was successful losing weight, I couldn’t sustain eating healthy long enough to lose more or to keep it off.

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When I was pregnant with my now 8 mos. old son, I was determined to get healthy after he was born. Fortunately, my friend who had battled weight and finally won, became a health coach; she inspired and guided me on my successful weight-loss journey!  I started the program when my son was 7 weeks old and lost 28 pounds and over 32 inches in 15 weeks.

I have a renewed passion for weight loss AND health!  I have learned Habits of Health and am committed to achieving Optimal Health. I became a Certified Health Coach so I could inspire and support others as my coach did for me. I have the privilege of working with clients who are experiencing the same success I, and many others, have. It’s such a gift to share this journey with others.

I know now that I can keep that promise I made to my unborn children years ago…I will do all that is possible to be healthy for them because they deserve me as much as I deserve them.


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