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How To Hit the Road Running After Maternity Leave

While you are out, work goes on without you.  Priorities may change, new policies may be introduced, and perhaps people get fired or hired.  The world will be different when you return but you’ll be different too.  You have new priorities, new ways (policies) of doing things, and there are things you have stopped doing and new things you have taken on (like motherhood).  My point is that not only have you changed but so has the world around you.  So how can you adapt?

While you are away from work you may find yourself thinking about it often.  When you are “in” your career it’s hard to see the big picture.  When you are about to return to work this is a great time to work “on” your career.  It’ll also get you even more pumped up for the transition because you have something to look forward it.

Think about where is your career going

What are some future goals both personally and professionally?

What does your job mean to you?

The answers will define why you want to  be a Working Mom.  It also helps combat Mommy Guilt if and when it creeps up.  When you know the reasons why you choose to live your life as a Working Mom guilt may not linger as long.

Decide how will you take care of yourself when you return to work

Yes, life is getting complicated and busy, but this is no reason to put your self-care in last place.  Self-care is the act of taking care of yourself.  This means getting a good night’s rest, eating well (food is fuel), exercising, and knowing when to “stop”.

Schedule a meeting with your manager before the 1st day

If daycare allows it do a test run.  Drop your child off for a few hours and meet your boss for coffee or lunch.  Find out if any new challenges have come up.  Are there any new projects on the horizon?  What has he/she been working on while you’ve been out.  Were the quarterly goals met or missed (hopefully you did get 3 months maternity leave and this does equal a business quarter)?  Depending on your relationship you can take this time to share with him/her your thoughts about your career, the goals you’d love to work toward one day, and how you feel about your position.

Following these steps will help you emotionally and mentally prepare to transition into a Working Mom lifestyle.  This transition is more than making a list of things the baby will need at daycare and what you’ll need to bring to work.  So take time to let yourself mentally prepare for your return with a bang!


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