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How to get your PURGEFEST on!

PURGEFEST:  The act of purging all of the unwanted items in your home which results in a celebration because new and exciting things come into your life.

I sense that something major is about to come into my life but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  I know there are things I’m trying to figure out and a few things I’m scared to do.  So while I work through all this I decided to MAJORLY clean my house.  Maybe I’m procrastinating tackling a few fears, but Cheryl Richardson taught me that when you thoroughly clean you are making room for new things in your life.  I have found this to be true.

So here’s how I got my PURGEFEST on and how I stayed motivated.

the box
“The Box”

First thing I did was schedule a date.  A donation pick up service will be at my curb next week!  Online I entered that I had 7-10 boxes for pickup, without actually knowing how many boxes I’d fill (I have 6 ready!).  So I thought BIG!  I now have a goal in sight.

Second thing I did was put empty boxes out and up high (so the kids wouldn’t get into them) and I’d randomly throw stuff in.  Seeing boxes helps keep me focus on my purge-fest.  I haven’t scheduled an afternoon to purge; I just do it while walking around the house.  I haven’t tried to organize what’d in the boxes either.  I know there are breakables in there, but ya know what?  I’ll do that later.  The important things is that things are going in “the box” and I am making room for something more important.

After I fill a box, I tape it shut.  This leaves not time or effort hemming & hawing over things.  Once it’s in the box it’s gone.  This has helped me donate toys.  I have a lot of memories with these toys and if the kids see them, they scream “hey new toys!” if I tape it shut, it never gets reopened.  No rehashing, no arguments.

Another motivating factor is one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.  Like my 5 year old says, nothing “fills your bucket up” more than charity.

So with one week left, where is my purgefest at? 

I tackled the most difficult floor of my house and its purged and half deep cleansed.  I swear my windows have never been cleaner!  I spend many late nights walking around the house gathering stuff but the late nights have been worth it.  It’s funny.  I like my house more!  I feel happier about where my life.  I still haven’t had my ah-ha moment, but perhaps after the boxes are gone that’s when it’ll come to me.

To be honest, I’m now at a standstill!  

Don’t laugh, but I got stuck on my old music CDs.  Even though I’ve purged them I still have too many.  I have a few unlabeled CDs, but seriously, if I don’t know what’s on there they need to go.  They haven’t been important for the past 7 years, why make them a priority now!  They are probably filled with techno music that I wouldn’t want the kids to listen to anyways. Lol!

That’s it, they are all going in “the box”!

You’ll see pics of all the boxes next week!


I’ve been talking about my purging on Facebook and have discovered that purging is contagious!  Let me know if you start your own purgfest and what worked for you.  Leave a comment below!

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