Do You Feel Like You Never Stop Running?

The supermarket’s parking lot was packed.  I swear it was the day before a major holiday, but it wasn’t.  It was just a Sunday afternoon right before a New England Patriots game.  Luckily I was without children, but I was under the clock to get home to feed the baby.


Another mom and I kept crossing paths up and down the aisles.  Her sleeping baby was in the carriage.  I sensed she was in a hurry, stressed and tired.  I wanted to reach out and give her advice, like:

  • take a deep breath
  • When you’re standing still for a few moments, bend your knees, suck in your belly and straighten up back.
  • Notice other people.  You are meant to meet people when you are out and about.  Life is all about experiences and more than just the shopping list.
  • Don’t let adrenaline fuel your energy level.  When you get home make taking a nap a priority.

But I bit my tongue.  Hard.

Our society is in a constant state of “hurry up”.  It’s tiring, isn’t it?  Our children are victims of our “hurry up” mentality we are cornered into.  Sure there are things we can plan in advance but if you don’t have any energy, forget it.  You are running just to catch up.  See Mommy run!

How can we change our children’s view on Mommy’s constant sprint?  Focus on our energy levels.  Although the weekend is our time to get things done (and that feeling of accomplishment is like no other), it’s also a time of rest.  Taking the time to refuel energy shows our children how to give and take.  When we are running we are giving ourselves to whatever matters at the moment, but we we are resting we are taking time for ourselves to refuel.  This will teach them not only does Mommy run, but she also knows when to stop.

Let’s aim to not only teach our children how to run efficiently, but how to stop as well.  It’s a great lesson to teach them as well as ourselves.

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Liz McGrory

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