How to Nix the Guilt

Why do we find it so challenging to rest?

After working all week you are excited about the weekend because you get to do all things you wanted to do during the week.

How often is one of your things to do to just sit back and relax?

Just lay down

Guilt is what stops us from relaxing.

When we sit our things to do list runs through our heads. “I should be doing…”, “The next thing I should do is… “

How do you nix guilt?

Take a moment to realize all the accomplishments from the week. I don’t mean the big “wow” accomplishments, I mean the everyday ones.

You were able to get the kids to daycare on time. You were on top of things at work. You treated yourself to an ice cream to celebrate overcoming a challenge. The kids behaved well at bedtime. For me it was getting my son off to Kindergarten, my daughter back to pre-school, and both of them started a new sport this past weekend (they have been sleeping like babies at night! woo hoo!!)

During this moment, make sure you are sitting down. The place doesn’t matter (although sitting in direct sunlight, either near a window or sitting outside, will help boost happiness and energy) as long as you are not standing up!

Take time to reflect. In our era of trying to do it all, realize all that you’ve done this week.

When these positive thoughts take over you are less likely to focus on those “should’s” that you should be doing. Instead of feeling guilt, you feel proud, accomplished and happy.

You are thinking, Wow! Look at all the things I did and I didn’t even realize it.

Next, rate your week on a scale of 1-10.

Were there times when you really pushed yourself? Was this in your best interest, or did you do it for others? Did you make decisions based on your values and your priorities? Why or why not? Were there things that didn’t really work out and perhaps if you had done it another way it would have ran smoother? Did you really nail it this week? How did that come about?

If the rating turns out high, celebrate in some way, like sitting still for an hour.

If the rating is low, realize you can’t beat them all and recoup by sitting still for an hour.

Either way, taking time to reflect takes the pressure off your current to-do list and the feeling of guilt.

This exercise nurtures your personal development and this is something that you “should” do.

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Liz McGrory

Liz is a work/life sway strategist helping stressed out working mom better manage their quadruple workload of self, family, home and career. You can also check her out on as their working mom expert and on The Maven Clinic as one of their career coaches.

2 thoughts on “How to Nix the Guilt

  1. I definitely have a hard time sitting still at home, there’s always laundry or other cleaning to do, so I try and get out for a pedicure once a month or so – forcing me to sit in a chair and do nothing but read E! Online or a trashy magazine. Getting out of the house is what forces me to just sit.

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