Sleep is something most working moms miss out on and sometimes not on purpose. If sleeping and dreaming are challenges here's how to start dreaming big.

How to Sleep Well To Set Audacious Goals and Dream Big

If you can’t sleep well how are you suppose to “dream big”? The phrase “dream big” is common amongst motivational speakers and book but how does one go about doing that exactly? It easy for me (don’t mean to brag) because I remember most of my dreams, but what about those who don’t dream at all?

Sleep is something most working moms miss out on and sometimes it’s not by choice. The problem is that if you want to succeed at work and at home sleep should be a top priority. If you want to be able to see clearly and set audacious goals, you need to allow yourself to dream. If sleeping and dreaming are challenges for you here’s how you can start dreaming big.

Make Sleeping Well a Habit

If you don’t sleep well then you need a plan which will result in a habit. The first step is to set the scene. Get a new pillow and a new pillowcase. Make your bedroom darker or wear a soft sleeping mask. Also, keep your room cool or sleep under a light weight blanket to keep yourself cool.

Next, get your body ready for bed every night. Exercise or at least walk every day for 30-minutes. One hour before bed limit LCD screens like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and most importantly, TV. Set a hard rule of no coffee after 2 p.m. and avoid alcohol right before bedtime. Before bed (and to help you avoid screens) take a warm bath. When your body temperature drops after your bath it’ll make you feel sleepy. Then to help ease your mind once your head hits the pillow practice deep breathing exercises.

Keep a Dream Journal

Before I go to bed I ask my subconsciousness a question to help to figure out a problem. When I repeat this process over time I dream about the solution.  No, I don’t come up with answers overnight (ha ha ha), but when I tell myself, hey you need to figure out this problem and I sleep on it, stuff happens!

Keep your dream journal by your bedside table. Use it before you lay down at night to write down what you want to dream about. Then when you wake up in the morning, write about your dream.  Don’t be surprised if what you’re writing sounds funny, just write it down. How your subconscious thinks is different than your conscious thoughts. Just trust the process. The whole dream may not be relevant, there may be a particular part that makes you think “AH-HA! I figured it out!”

Arianna Huffington wrote about the same results in her book “The Sleep Revolution”. She had a great tip for remembering your dream. When you first wake up and before you go running to take care of the kids stay still. Once you remember your dream, slowly move to your pad of paper and pen and write. If you forget again, remain still (if the kids allow you to), and allow the dream to come back.

Schedule “Think Big” Meetings with Yourself

If vivid dreaming isn’t your thing, or if you don’t dream at all, there’s still hope.  Try reserving time for you to sit and think. No, I’m not kidding, working mama. It *is* possible! If you’re too busy to sit still for 5-10 minutes you need to adjust your schedule.

Write down what you did for the past few days and look for pockets of free time or possible breaks you could have taken. For instance, you don’t always have to do errands during lunch. Make a lunch date with yourself, find a quiet place to sit, and plan on “thinking big”.

Sit with a purpose to think about something in particular. When you give your questions or problems your attention and relax at the same time answers may pop up.

In those ‘think big’ moments, you’re sitting there, focusing on the issue, and you’re not letting yourself deviate from it.  When something good pops into your head, write it down on a post it, journal, or create a voice memo in your phone.  Do you ever go to bed at night and think OH!  What a great thought that is!  What a great tweet that would be!  I MUST post that to Facebook.  The next morning you wake up and you have completely forgotten what that awesome thought was.  It’s extremely important to write a thought before you lose it.


You don’t have to seek advice or opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do.  You have the answers within you.  You just need to give yourself time to think things through. Working mom you can find the time to dream, rest and focus on yourself. Enjoy dreaming.  Enjoy daydreaming.  The least you can do is look up at the clouds and focus on your thoughts.


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