Meditation Helps With Work/Life Balance

How Meditation Helps Working Moms Balance Work and Life

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I read a book called “The Unmistakable Touch of Grace” by Cheryl Richardson.  She used to be a regular on the Oprah show and is the self-care guru. If you aren’t reading any books at the moment I highly recommend getting this on your Kindle. Many things stood out, but I want to share one thing that has enriched my life immensely – meditation.

Meditation is an experience that benefits anyone that tries it.  I strongly suggest that if you are a working mom who is trying to figure out how to balance work and life or feels tired of being stressed, anxious, or living a chaotic lifestyle to start meditating.  To help encourage you to start meditating tonight (it’s not that hard to do it) here are the benefits Cheryl talks about in her book.

Meditation Can Make You Feel Balanced

If you are looking for better work/life balance you need to start a meditation practice tonight! It only takes a few minutes to experience.Your brain can easily become unbalanced when you feel stressed or anxious.  These are common emotions you feel as a working mom, right?

So how does this happen?  Cheryl says that one side of your brain is working harder than the other and this throws them out of sync.  What meditation can do is allow the brain to become balanced again. It calms you down, thoughts don’t matter as much and the brain returns back to its normal state.

Have you ever stayed up late trying to solve a problem?  Of course, you have.  When you woke up  you may magically know the answer because you slept on it.  You think to yourself, “Why couldn’t I have figured this out last night?”  Another example,  you fight with a family member and after you “sleep on it”, you wake up seeing their side of the story and perhaps your mistakes.

What happened while you were asleep?  Your brain balanced itself out or found it’s center.  Meditation can give you the same results. Magic, right?  It’s not and it’s easy to do.

Meditation is the Best Time Management Tool

Scheduling your time to juggle many tasks causes you run into problems.  Happens to you often as a working mom, right?  This is why you feel off-balanced often.

So if the problem is your time management then the solution is to schedule in meditation breaks.  Stop what you are doing and relax.  Focus on your breath coming in and then going out.  This tiny experience gives your brain a chance to balance itself.  You will feel more productive afterward because you’ll be in a better state of mind (literally).

How to Start Meditating

Cheryl’s book has guidelines to start you off.  If you’re looking for an online resource check out, too (check out the article I hyperlinked).  When I feel like I want to be guided in my meditation I use an app on my iPhone called “Simply Being” ($1.99 in the App Store).

I’ll end with a funny quote from this book.  It’s not about meditation, but when I read it I laughed out loud:

“I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before there’s a reality show that pits multitaskers against each other to see just how many balls they can effectively keep in the air” –Cheryl Richardson

Have you tried meditation before? If so, what has worked for you and what hasn’t? Tell me about it down below in the comments.

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  1. This makes perfect sense as I find, if I’m struggling with something, doing something else, walking or running seems to help me think…maybe it’s just the calming effects of nature. I never thought too much about why it works. I’ll try to do this more often now that I know there’s biological evidence to support it. Thanks, Liz!

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