How to Take a Break From Your Big Juggling Act

Everyone’s big juggling act is different. Some working moms big juggle their career and two children. Other’s juggle many after school sports for multiple kids. What is your big juggling act like which you feel you never take a break from?

A juggling act at a circus eventually comes to an end. It’s unrealistic to think otherwise. Yet we all try to continue our big juggling act without taking a break. It’s no wonder many working moms feel exhausted.

If you never take a break from your big juggling act you’re teaching your children, “It’s normal that mommy never takes a break!” If you’re unsure how to pause your juggling act I have some tips for you.

Make Time to Do Something You Enjoy

Do you have any hobbies? Succeeding at work, keeping your family happy and having a clean home are not hobbies. Those are things you have to do. If you don’t have a hobby go to my Pinterest board on hobbies for inspiration. When you have a hobby it gives you a reason to stop your juggling act.

One hobby that every working mom must master is meditating.  Think of it as hitting the pause button on your life so you can breathe, relax, and calm the chaos. That’s what meditating can do for you. Take a breather and learn how to meditate ASAP.

Improve Your Physical Health

How are you feeling? Does any part of your body hurt?  Do you move as quickly as you’d like? Write down your answer and then book a check up with your doctor. Expect to work on an action plan to improve your health.

Perhaps you’ll need to learn to cook healthier or fit in workouts. When you have a strong reason why you need to do something, like a doctor’s order, you’re more likely to stop the juggling act and take care of yourself.

Get Lost in a Good Book

I have a Pinterest board for books I love but if none of them tickle your fancy I have some tips. The next time you’re with friends and family, find out what everyone is reading and take notes. Plus this is a great conversation starter!

Ask your Facebook friend what they are reading or what their favorite book is on a particular subject. Be prepared to be overloaded with recommendations! To manage them, find all the books on Amazon and make a “Book” wish list you can choose from later.

You could try out Amazon’s Audible app and learn something new on the go. This would be convenient for a long commute or while doing laundry. If listening to a book isn’t for you, check out some podcasts (again, ask your Facebook or Twitter friends who they recommend).

Talk on The Phone

Are you a texter, like me? It’s a great way to keep in touch. So is checking in on Facebook every night to see what you’re friends have been up to. But nothing really beats a live conversation.

Set as aside some time so that you can really sit, listen, and understand what your friend or family member is sharing. This way you’re getting the most from this connection. We all grow by connecting with others so take a time out from your juggling act and call a friend.

Volunteer in Your Community

When you are involved in your community you feel like you belong to something bigger than you. You get to know your neighbors better and the town news. Meeting new people can be exciting! When you volunteer it helps you break free from the daily grind (aka your juggling act).

Was new house new baby true for you? If so this means you’re a new working mom. All of this change can cause you to feel isolated and alone.  Volunteering at your local library, blood drive, or town fair would be a great way to introduce yourself.


If you want to perform a really good juggling act you need breaks. Give your breaks purpose so you’re more likely to pause. Working moms work hard and they should play hard, too.

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Liz McGrory

Liz is a work/life sway strategist helping stressed out working mom better manage their quadruple workload of self, family, home and career. You can also check her out on as their working mom expert and on The Maven Clinic as one of their career coaches.

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