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Define your Happy Place and Head There to Boost Your Energy

If your world is falling apart, are you better off imagining yourself in your ‘happy place’?  This could be considered a form of denial.  It’s like having a few glasses of wine to numb the pain.  The pain comes back though, along with a hangover.  Some use exercise, like running, to escape their problems.  Go pound the pavement or burn a good sweat.


Sometimes it’s better to face the music.  Don’t avoid it.  Hit the nail right on the head.  Concentrate on the issue at hand.  Use self-regulation to decide why you are upset.  What is that cause?  This can take a while, but it’s worth spending the time on this self-exploration.  Don’t waste energy battling a battle that’s not really the true battle.  If you’re mad at someone is it because you are upset with yourself for lacking something?


This all may sound like good advice, but gosh it’s hard to follow.  Easier said than done, is the cliché.  Who said that anyways?  I couldn’t find a person, but there was a music group called “The Essex” whose 1963 song titled ‘Easier said than done’.


My happy place is playing with my kids.  When it’s my kids that I need to escape from (let’s be honest here), my other happy pace is Hawaii.  My hubby and I went 5 years ago for our honeymoon.  Remembering the exquisite room and the ocean waves seen through the sliding glass door puts me at ease.  It slows down my breathing and usually helps me sleep.  Hawaii stops my mind from racing at it’s usual 100 mph speed.


Maybe finding this happy place just gives you a break.  Although the problem is still there and can’t be denied, just taking a breath, a break, could help you get to your true happy place.  The place where the problem is finally solved, not Hawaii.


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Liz McGrory

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