Glad You’re Here, Working Mama!

It’s bothersome that you, a working mom, are working so hard yet keep coming up short. Do you feel the pain from the wage gap?

Do you feel the pain from the wage gap?

We’re getting paid 81% of men’s earnings according to the U.S. Department of Labor. This study says the reason why the progress toward gender equality has stalled is because men can work longer hours than us. Well, of course, they can! There are many studies that prove you still do most of the housework and child care giving (but you don’t need a study to know that).

How are you supposed to work longer hours when you have a second shift to rush off to?

The answer, for now, is you need to do your very best with the time you’ve got both at work and at home. No pressure, right? How you do this is up to you but wouldn’t it be awesome if you had someone to help you figure things out? Especially when you’re first starting out as a working mom?

Get Someone in Your Corner to Cheer You On

I am a Working Mom coach. This means I am a combination of a career coach and a life coach because your lifestyle deals with both. I am work/life sway strategist who can teach you how to sway well between work and life. Let me show you how.

Working mom, come join me on the Maven Clinic!You’re invited to come chat with me at The Maven Clinic which is a women-only digital health clinic. They provide *AFFORDABLE* coaching via a video conference app we can use to talk for 10, 30, or 60 minutes about the challenges you’re facing. Click here to get a free 10-minute session.


Get Motivation and Support to Push You Forward

Go read the Working Mom Survival Guide Blog!Do you love to read? Awesome! I love to write!

The purpose of the motivational and supportive Working Mom Survival Blog is to make you feel audacious. Come learn tips and tricks on time management, how to boost your personal energy, assertiveness techniques, self-care improvements, career advancement advice, goal settings, and how to improve your emotional intelligence.

Your goal is to find out how to do the best work possible with the time you have. Come to this blog when you want to feel hopeful about your Working Mom lifestyle.

Get Advice for a New Working Moms

Go check out the working mom pages on's TheSpurce.comI’m also the Working Mom Expert for’s, Please go there to learn getting ready for maternity leave, returning to work, childcare options, working motherhood career challenges, flexible work schedules, organization tips and much more.

Working Mom, Want In?

Do you feel like you could be doing a better job at self-care, family life, home care, or career planning? Then request your invite to the Working Mom Mastermind group!

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