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My wish for working momsMy name is Liz McGrory, my company is Coach LizzyMc, and I am a Working Mom Coach.

I am a certified professional coach and the Working Mom Expert on About.com on a mission is to change and empower the Working Mom culture one Working Mom at a time.

I am the author of “Igniting Mommy Energy” which is about how Working Moms can gain more personal energy when emotional challenges hit. 

As a Working Mom Coach I guide Working Moms to be an audacious boss of their Mommy Energy through private virtual coaching.  My Working Mom coaching clients want to…

… stop the disease to please because it drains personal energy.
… take better care of themselves because they know self-care ties directly to their professional and personal success.
… find more than time management tips because its her energy she wants help with.
…lessen her workload so she can resolve a challenge that’s been hanging over her head for way to long.
If you can relate I invite you to be in a powerful coaching experience with me.

Here’s how we can work together.

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