Working Mom, are you looking for a better work/life balance? It's my job to help you make audacious choices about your work/life balance. Let's get started!

Hi, I’m Liz McGrory and I can help you become an audacious boss of your home life and your career by finding a better work/life balance.

Work/life balance is not a woman’s issue, it’s a workplace issue.  But until the day comes that the workplace figures out the right policies I’m here to be your voice and your coach.

My life gets crazy with three young children, cleaning up after them, the puppy, and my husband, hitting work deadlines for my clients, freelance writing gigs, updating my About.com page, and meal prepping without cussing over peanut and gluten allergies. But over the years I’ve figured out how to integrate work into my personal life and now I’m helping other Working Moms do the same.

Here are a few ways to make audacious choices about your work/life balance:

  • Focus on time and energy management to help fill your calendar and to-do lists.
  • Assertively shape your career path
  • Clean and purge both your home and personal your life
  • Prepare meals like a pro, even if family members has food allergies

Are you a working mom searching for better work/life balance?  Then let’s work together!

Here’s How We Can Start Working Together 

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After you sign up for my e-zine you’ll be sent my free e-book, “The Most Recommended Habits For Working Moms”. When you create healthy habits like these you feel more centered, energized, and balanced.  Start with these habits for now and then we’ll build on from there.

Want to start working with me? Then buy my book, "Igniting Mommy Energy"

My book gives you the tools to start building up personal energy, or what I like to call Mommy Energy.  When you have more energy you feel more balanced.  I also share stories about how I became a confident and joyful working mom.

Want to start working together? Book a complementary work/life balance strategy session.

Get on the phone with me!  Please click on the link or pic above to access my online calendar.  Then select a 30-minute time slot that fits your schedule.  When the time comes for us to chat be prepared to share with me what your work/life balance is like now and what you’d want your ideal working mom lifestyle to look like.

Want to work with me? Check out my one-on-one coaching programs

Ready to jump right in?  Then check out my two coaching programs.  The first one is 90 Days to Better Work/Life Balance.  This is for the seasoned working mom who’s struggling to make it all work.  The second one is Working Mom Bootcamp and this is for any new working mom is returning from maternity leave and is struggling.  Go select which one you’d like to start!

Let’s Get Started!

Now pick one of the options above and let’s get to work.  Also, be sure to share this page on any or all of your favorite social media platforms so you working mom friends can discover what you did.  You are not alone.  Let’s go on this journey together, mama!