Are you tired of balancing work and life? Then come learn what work/life sway is all about, how to do it, and how it'll improve your career and family.

Let’s Get Started!

Hi! I’m Liz. I help career women create a work/life sway strategy to help them succeed at work and at home. If you’re sick of striving for the ancient goal of work/life balance then work/life swaying is for you! Beyond work/life sway I can also help you become unstuck at a job you can’t tolerate. Last, I help new working moms get back in the game after returning from maternity leave.

In addition to these strategy sessions, I also write for’s, FlexJobs, and soon for Go check out my work for motivation and inspiration!

Here’s how we could start working together:

Become a Master of Work/Life Sway

Work/life sway is about sensing when you need to sway your focus from your personal life to work and then back again. This mentality helps you manage interruptions better. It’s also a better reflection of reality! You’ll learn how to go with the flow. It’s the complete opposite of work/life balance with no stress!

Together we can create a plan so you can start swaying right away and I’ll keep you accountable. To get started, book and Work/Life Sway Strategy Session with me today! 

Find Your “New Normal” After Returning to Work

Are you a new working mom? Then welcome to the club! If you don’t like surprises, then we’ve got to work together. I’ll help you ease your confusion, chaos, and anxiety about going back to work.

After experiencing maternity leave three times, I’ve put together a system to help you adapt to your “new normal” and figure out whether or not working motherhood is right for you. I had wished someone had warned me about how hard working motherhood was. If that’s how you feel, too, get in on this program to help figure out how to balance all of your new responsibilities.

You’ve Hit a Cross Road in Your Career Path

Do you feel stuck in your job? You can fall into this trap when you have a family to support and can’t afford to risk leaving your job. You may feel burned out and frustrated but you don’t know what else you could do. When you think about looking for a job you don’t know where to start, what to look for, and updating your resume sounds like a daunting task.

My career burnout led me to a career change when I had two children in diapers. It was tough but I did it and you can too. I’ve designed a strategy that will help you figure out your next steps toward a career you’ll enjoy. You’ll learn how to take action on either a new job or career. 

And Coming Soon… How to D.E.A.L and Thrive with Working Motherhood

Worrying, guilt, and negativity got ya down? Let’s get to the root cause and kick that negative attitude to the curb. Working motherhood is no joke. The dual workload is exhausting and sometimes you need help. I’ve created a system that helps working moms D.E.A.L and thrive with working motherhood. Together we’ll cure you of your disease to please others. You’ll experience what energy management can do for you. A new assertive attitude will get you what you want both at work and at home. Last, we will cover how self-care is critical to your survival as a working mom. If you’re tired and feel overwhelmed, then we need to start working together ASAP.

Tired of Work/Life Balance?

Ditch the outdated goal of work/life balance! It's exhausting! It's easier to sway back and forth between life and work. I can teach you how!

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