My wish for working momsWorking Mom, are you tired of trying to figure out how to make everything work?

Then let me help you. Hi, I’m Liz McGrory and I help working moms become an audacious boss of their personal energy.  My mission is to change the working mom culture into one where we all feel more work/life balance.

Are you a working mom searching for work/life balance?  Are you tired of feeling overworked and over-stressed? Most working moms are! Let’s change that.  Together.

I help working moms become an audacious boss of their personal energy by teaching them things like:

  • Not suffering from the disease to please because it drains your personal energy and other’s values and priorities are not your own.
  • Find ways to take better care of yourself because you’ll discover how self-care ties directly to your professional and personal success.
  • How to do less work (either at home or at work) so you can spend time and energy resolving those bigger challenges you’ve been tolerating for too long.
  • Start new habits that will make you feel courageous and confident.  In other words, an audacious working mom.

If these bullets sound like a great idea let’s get to work.

Here’s how we can start working together.

#1  Book a work/life balance strategy session with me. We will talk about what your work/life balance is like now and what your ideal working mom lifestyle would look like.

#2  Sign up,The Mommy Energy E-zineto get my free e-book, “The Most Recommended Habits For Working Moms”. When you instill healthy habits you feel more centered, energized, and balanced.  Start with these habits for now and then we’ll build on from there.

#3 Click over to the Mommy Energy Blog and start reading!

Igniting Mommy Energy#4  Read my book, Igniting Mommy Energy.  This book gives you the tools to start working on building up Mommy Energy ASAP so you can feel more in balance.  As an added bonus you’ll get to know me better through my personal stories.

Now pick one of the options above and let’s get to work.  Also, be sure to share this page with your working mom friends.  Let’s go on this journey together, mama!